Dandruff? Get to the root of it


Are you troubled by dandruff in your scalp? Do not worry. Almost 50% of people have dandruff at least once in their lifetime. As much as it is normal, we know that it is embarrassing to have them all over the head, shoulders and yes, on your favorite black dress! Everybody wants to have a flawless hair but with dandruff that causes itchiness and oily hair, it seems impossible. These white flakes of dead skin appear due to various reasons like dry scalp or skin conditions such as:

  1. Scalp psoriasis – a condition when red, itchy, silver scaly patches appear on the scalp
  2. Seborrheic dermatitis – a bit similar to psoriasis but covered with greasy-looking white or yellowish scales
  3. Eczema – a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters causing itching and bleeding.
  4. An overgrowth of Malassezia (yeast like fungus) – Scalp fungus that causes irritation, makes skin cells grow rapidly and extra skin cells die causing it to shed off as dandruff.

Additionally, stress, hormonal changes and imbalanced diet aggravates the condition, especially during the premenstrual cycle. Itching, red or scaly scalp caused by it annoys us to the core and as much as we would like to avoid it, it seems to require that extra care and treatment. Therefore, the best remedy to get rid of them is by knowing the root cause and seeking appropriate treatment.

Selsun, a trusted anti-dandruff brand name, comes to your rescue with various anti-dandruff products with the active ingredient- selenium sulphide. Selenium sulphide destroys dermatophyte fungus that causes inflammation and helps in reducing the formation of fungal cells on the scalp. It also helps to wash off excess oil without causing damage to your hair. It treats seborrheic dermatitis that causes dandruff and eliminates it. It is easy to use and equally effective for all dandruff-related problems. Make sure to avoid contact to the eyes while using it.

If the condition is albeit severe, do set an appointment with your dermatologist right away! Get their help in diagnosing your condition. You may have noticed that it tends to get worse during fall and winter, necessitating even more care. To minimize its occurrence and rein in the condition from worsening, make sure to find ways to reduce stress and maintain a balanced diet. Wash your hair before it gets too greasy as yeasts tend to grow and feed on it and always keep the hair clean. Refrain from using random products for your delicate hair and stick to a brand you trust. Take good care of your hair as someone has rightfully mentioned- “Your hair is a crown you never take off.”



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