Show your skin some love. Use sunscreen.


Both men and women go through various stages of life where they encounter numerous changes on their skin. From fighting with acne and pimples during puberty to when we start working and tend to have less time to even think about it, we come a long way in the skincare game. In comparison to most of the women, many men care less about their skin. The only time they take out to care about their face is to groom their hair and shave. Again, that does not imply that all the women care well about it. Balancing different roles in their life, one seldom finds enough time to care for the skin. Nevertheless, the pollution of the city and the UV rays of the sun relentlessly take a toll upon the skin, especially for those who spend more time outdoors. Therefore, it is necessary to add an extra layer of protection with the appropriate sunscreen. It is almost like you’re wearing sunglasses, but for your skin.

SunPlay comes with a wide range of sunscreen lotions that suit your varied requirements. The sunscreen packs a unique formula that is non-greasy, transparent and offers a durable protective layer. A few minutes of care and your skin is safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Make a smart choice of your sunscreen and keep all sun-induced skin ailments at bay. These products come in small packages that you can toss it in your bag wherever you go and apply it whenever you want. Here are some little rules to use them if you can follow.

How and when to use sunscreen?

  1. It is better to apply it at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. 2. Apply moisturizer first before using the sunscreen. 3. Choose the suitable SPF for yourself based on how much you are exposed to the sun. Higher the sun exposure, higher the SPF of sunscreen you need. 4. Apply it over all the body parts exposed to the sun, including ears, back, shoulder, and back of the knees and legs. 5. Sunny day or rainy day, indoor or outdoor, do not skip using sunscreen.

Why use sunscreen?

  1. For protecting your skin from various problems and aging caused by the UV rays of the sun including skin cancer. 2. Not to get your skin sunburnt. 3. To block the contact of UV rays and skin that causes inflammation of pimples. 4. To shield your skin from various harmful rays such as UVA, UVB, UVC, etc. 5. To maintain an even skin tone throughout your body. 6. Last but not the least, to give your skin the love and care it deserves.

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