How to Cleanse Face The Right Way

  • Double cleanse. The first cleanse will remove surface impurities that act as a barrier. Your second cleanse will then penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Cleanse both morning and evening. The morning cleanse balances overnight oil production, while an evening cleanse will remove dirt, surface impurities, improve hydration and assist with the anti-ageing process that occurs overnight.
  • Follow your cleanse with treatment products and a moisturizer that meets your specific skin needs.
  • If you suffer from breakouts or congestion, try leaving your cleanser on for a couple of minutes before removing to give your skin a deeper clean.
  • Don’t use a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling tight or dry. Many cleansers are formulated to foam excessively, giving the appearance of a deeper cleansing action. Don’t be fooled – more foam does not equal a better clean, and many of these cleansers strip the skin of important natural oils.
  • Don’t use a bar of soap designed for the body to wash your face – many bar soaps contain harsh detergents and additives that can strip the skin of natural oils, causing breakouts.



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