Oxy-Real Guide to Clear and Flawless Skin

The day starts with the rise of the sun, another busy day and running at respective works. All day working in the dirt, sunlight, wind, no time for yourself and not even much time to take care of your skin and health.

What do you get from these conditions? Obviously, pimples, dark spots, enlarged spores, dehydrated and dull skin and with all these charm of men disappear slowly. The first impression you make is through your appearance and your face is the center of attraction.

Analyze the terrain conditions and situations you have been and will be going and then you will know what you will be facing as your face is directly exposed to all the harsh environmental conditions. The main thing is, “Do you care about your facial skin?” It is sensitive and delicate compared to the skin of other areas.

Keeping in mind the problems faced by men in day-to-day lives, skin and health care companies have researched and brought up series of products that addresses the skin problems of men. One such product is Oxy Face wash which helps to wash off dirt, excess oil and acne causing bacteria from your face as well as brightens and moisturizes your skin.

We care about your skin.

Simple Steps towards the smoother skin

  1. Clean the skin every day, morning and night with Oxy to get rid of dirt.
  1. Moisturize every day to protect the skin from external factors and dryness.
  1. Sun is the major factor that causes aging skin. Make sure to apply sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or more so that it protects your skin from ultraviolet rays.
  1. During night, use a nutritive product to regenerate the skin.
  1. Exfoliate the skin at least once a week to get rid of dead cells and excess of oil. It will also help with cellular renovation and to avoid the appearance of spots

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