Bad habits that damages your skin

Knowingly or unknowingly, you might be damaging your skin with your bad habits. The pollution, wrong sleeping and eating methods and daily stress might be degrading the youthfulness of your skin. When you look good, you feel good which also helps to boost your self-confidence. 

  1. Not cleaning makeup brushes

Dirt particles and makeup leftovers get clogged in the brush strands that cause breakouts and other skin infections. You must clean makeup brushes frequently.


2.Touching face frequently

When you touch your face with hands, you transfer bacteria, oil and dirt particle to the face. This leads to breakouts that’s why you should control the urge to sway the hands over the face.


  1. Scrubbing the wrong way

Roughly scrubbing your face with a facial scrub, or a towel does not necessarily help to clean your pores from deep within, it might irritate and harm your skin. Gentle scrubbing once a week is enough to exfoliate your skin, and remove the layer of dead skin cells.


  1. Using harsh hair care products

Products that you use on your hair may come indirectly in contact with your face, seeping deep into the skin pores and blocking them. Using hair products with very harsh or skin-irritating agents can lead to breakouts.


  1. The wrong haircut

If your haircut allows your hair to come on your forehead or cheeks all the time, the pores on your skin are blocked by those strands, thus encouraging breakouts. You should choose a haircut that keeps all the hair off your face.

haircut6. Washing face with hard water

Hard water damages your skin so you can use water softeners or filters. You can also use a face wash with balanced oil and pH levels to retain the moisture levels of the skin and prevent pimple breakouts.


  1. Not taking a bath after an exercise

Any exercise routine will make you sweat profusely. In case you are exercising outdoors, pollution mixed with sweat and dirt along with the friction of your sweaty clothes is the perfect combination to pave the way for breakouts. Always take a shower after you come back from your workout session.


  1. Your partner’s beard

Your partner’s beard could be the reason behind your pimples. When his pokey beard rubs against your soft skin, it makes the skin irritable and opens the pores which will attract dust and oil leading to pimples.


  1. Changing skin care products too often

We all want miracles to happen overnight and keep changing products because the previous ones did not work out well. You can damage your skin by trying too many new combinations on it. Thus, you should wait patiently for skin care products to show its effectiveness.


  1. Cheap cosmetics

Another mistake that ruins the skin and causes breakouts, is the use of low quality and cheap cosmetics. When it is a matter of your skin, pay a little extra, but always go for good branded skin care products. After all, you do not want to end up paying more for skin treatments that you might need to undergo, due to the damage caused by the cheap cosmetics.







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