For those who loves to sing:Lipice Singing Contest

Lipice Singing Contest has been trying to bring out the best in people. Till date, there are about 64 people who have participated in the contest. For those who loves to sing, this is a platform where they can showcase their vocal skills and reach out to more people on social media.

Lipice Singing Contest that has been running in Facebook not only engages people in fun activity but also encourages them to express themselves by making entertaining videos. We are targeting funniest, craziest and lively videos with good vocal skills.

There are four simple steps in order to participate:

  1. You have to make a good cover songs in either Nepali or English languages
    2 .The lyrics of the songs must contain the words हासो, मुस्कान वा ओठ if in Nepali OR ‘Lips’ or ‘Smile’ if in English
    3. You must then send your video in the message box of Facebook page:
    4. To complete your participation, you must like Facebook page as well

Watch out the multi-talented diva Miss Priyanka Karki speaking about the contest:


Winners will be chosen based on the decisions made by judges as well as total count of votes. Contestants will be marked on following criteria:

Song Choice: Selection of proper songs

Vocal Skills: Includes pitch, breath control, dynamics, phrasing, enunciation and tone.

Overall Impression: At discretion of judges

Shoot your video and participate today. You can win cash and prizes.




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