Staying Healthy this Winter

Healthy body results in healthy and glowing skin. Winter brings with it the cold and flu season along with dry, cracked skin. You can boost your immunity and get healthy body with the intake of vitamins such as Vitamin C or Zinc or Echinacea and range of fresh foods.

Fight back against the colder months by consuming proper diet and following strict skin care regime. Stay healthy, happy and active with some of the following tips:

  1. Exercise regularly

It’s cold outside and you do not want to move a leg but the secret to healthy body is keep moving. Stay fit and healthy by doing regular exercise. Remember to spend time warming up before you start your exercise as it can take a little longer for your joints to loosen up in the cold weather. Exercise also helps to nourish skin cells and keep them vital.


  1. Eat well

Avoid foods that contain high fat, salt and sugar. High intake of spicy and oily foods cause pimples and other skin problems so make sure your diet includes soups and healthy fruit and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals such as kiwi, beetroot, bananas, leafy vegetables,etc.


  1. Take special care

Take care of your health and skin throughout the year but during the winter months take extra care. Eating well, getting enough sleep and staying active are all important during winter to help keep you and your family healthy and to support your immune systems. Supplements containing herbs and nutrients such as echinacea, garlic, vitamin C, and zinc will help to support healthy immune function

Garlic on white

4. Get adequate amount of sleep

Regular, moderate exercise, relaxation techniques and establishing a regular sleep routine may help to promote improved sleep. Proper sleep (eight hours for an adult) can help keep the body’s immune system healthy and fight off harsh pimple breakouts. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes as these substances can affect the quality of your sleep and health of the skin.


5. Don’t stress

While stress is a part of everyday life, and some stress helps to meet challenging situations, excessive amounts of stress has negative effects on health as well as skin. Relax your body and mind and live a healthy life

6. Protect your skin

The cold weather can affect our skin and contribute to conditions such as dry, itchy skin, chill blains and eczema. This may be due to the reduced humidity, drinking less water than you would during summer or possibly due to reduced circulation which may decrease the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin. Always use sunscreen, it is essential since you can still get sunburn when the weather is cold. Don’t forget to apply moisturizers daily as it may help to keep the skin moist and supple whilst supplements containing vitamin E or garlic help assist blood circulation. Try taking fish oils as these provide omega-3 which can help manage these itchy skin conditions.






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