Analysis of Acnes sealing gel

mentholatum-acnes-sealing-gel-reviewbeautyandfashionfreaks-1Pimples have a long term psychological effect on people. People with pimples have low self-esteem and some of them even suffer from depression. Rohto Mentholatum is one of the most trusted top anti-acne brands in Japan, Vietnam, the US, the UK, Australia and China and it is currently seeking to make its presence felt in Nepal. They have introduced nine brands of skincare, hair care and cosmetic products based on the feedback they received from research.

Here is a review of Acnes Sealing Gel from their Acnes product range that prioritizes skin care and pimple prevention and treatment series:


Sealing gel is very helpful as it alleviates the pain caused due to pimple breakouts and it makes them smaller in size with just one application. This product helps in soothing and getting rid of harsh pimples. It is useful in bringing the swell down and reducing the size of blemishes as well as little bumps around your face.


Sealing gel comes in a small tube and it is lime colored which is like a clear gel with a thick consistency. It is almost colorless and contains whitish granules in it. Although the consistency is thick, it perfectly spreads onto the skin and gets absorbed in minutes. The texture is not sticky and after applying, it does not leave any oily residue. Once applied, it gets soaked into the skin immediately. It smells like sulfur, like something burnt and acidic.

How to Use

Squeeze gel on the fingertip and apply evenly on affected areas. For proper application, you must massage the gel on the areas affected by pimples and acnes. The gel will leave a dry patch on your skin for few days on the affected areas. It penetrates quickly and makes skin clearer and smoother.


  • Cleanses the dead skin cells deeply
  • No pore clogging
  • Controls excessive serum production
  • Alleviates pain
  • Reduces swelling due to pimples in one application
  • Reduces the sizes of pimples as well
  • Does not leave any oily residue
  • Penetrates deep into skin and kills bacteria
  • Pleasant smelling


  • Leaves a dry patch on your skin which looks more obvious when you have makeup on
  • Gives a stingy feeling

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