Men Skincare Tips for Winter


Men are usually less concerned about skin care compared to female counterparts. Winter is that time of the year when skin tends to get dry and rough. If you do not take care of your skin then you might face different skin problems hence, here are some skincare tips for this cold weather. Check them out-

  1. Use lip balm daily

Don’t shy away from lip balm. Use colorless lip balm daily to maintain natural moisture in your lips. Cold, winter air can easily dry your lips out and lead to chapping. Most lip balms and chap sticks are small enough to fit easily in your pocket, making them the ultimate travel companion.


  1. Moisturize regularly

Moisturizer keeps your skin soft and will help prevent dry patches and eczema. You should apply moisturizer on our face, hands and neck in the morning as well as evening in winter regardless of your skin type.


  1. Stay hydrated

Extra water is important during the winter months since your skin can start to dry out even when you don’t feel thirsty. Good hydration is even more important during the winter, so drink plenty of water while you’re out. You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.


  1. Wear adequate clothing

A decent pair of gloves and muffler will keep your hands and neck warm and dry without sucking the moisture out of them. A proper head covering will keep your scalp warm and can minimize winter dandruff. If your skin gets too cold and dry, dander becomes more of an issue so, wear warm clothes and a hat when you leave the house.


  1. Turn down the heat

Although you might enjoy steaming shower, hot water can actually cause damage to your skin. Overly hot water can dry out your skin and lead to further problems, so it’s best to opt for warm water. Avoid using extra hot water in your shower or while washing your face, hands and feet.



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