Reasons for Lip Discoloration

Darkened, chapped lips can lead to a bad first impression. They make you look unclean and unhealthy. Causes of black, chapped lips range from the body’s absorption of toxic ingredients to the lack of proper lip care. Main causes of darkened lips:


Lip skin is thinner. It gets lost the moisturizer rapidly in any rough situation or weather. Especially, the mouth breather and smokers face dryness on the lips more. The windy weather and cold climates also lead the skin dry. It creates first white or pale peeling lines on the lips. In severe cold climate and winter, you may experience darker tones around your lips.



Tobacco in cigarettes stains the lips and causes them to darken to a black color. It also dries out your lips and leaves them chapped by depleting them of their natural oils. Apply petroleum jelly to your lips regularly and drink lots water. The water flushes out the tobacco in your system.


Improper skin care

Lack of proper skin care can cause black, chapped lips. A lack of sunscreen and licking the lips strips moisture, causing discoloration and dryness. Applying a high-emollient lip balm daily is the best way to retain moisture in your lips. It’s also important to choose a lipstick or lip balm that is labeled as moisturizing.



The sun’s rays harm all parts of the body, including the lips. The lips are especially vulnerable to hyperpigmentation, or an overproduction of melanin. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays causes hyperpigmentation. Applying lip balm with sunscreen in it prevents your lips from drying, cracking or changing colors. Wearing a scarf also stops the sun from damaging your lips.



Caffeine is a diuretic. It dries the lips by causing people to urinate more often, thus depleting the body of water. Even if you drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, caffeine counteracts the hydration and leaves your lips looking damaged. It’s best to limit caffeine intake if you want more natural-looking skin and lip color.



Allergens in cosmetics or skin care products can contribute to chapped or blackened lips. These allergic reactions are often caused by dyes or fragrances in the products, and can be prevented by terminating use of the product.


Regional Fact

Because of having regional reasons, you can meet up dark lips. Especially, some Indian and African region’s people usually get black lips from birth. In birth-brown discoloration lips, there is nothing to do to get rid of the unfavorable color. Darker lips can be cured through laser treatment.

Last of all, the identification of the causes mainly helps you to remove darkness from your lips. If you drink more than five cups of tea or coffee a day, you should take less intakes. If you smoke, you should reduce it or else stop it completely.  Apply expensive or natural products. Opt for natural home remedies and get brighter pinkish shiny soft lips.



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