What Causes Acne in Men?


As a man, acne is embarrassing and troublesome. Men suffer the same issues and heartache a women do. Men don’t usually wear makeup to cover blemishes. Most of the times scarring caused by adolescent acne is more severe in males and scarring becomes even more prominent with age.

Men are not interested in taking the time to worry with cleanser and moisturizers, opting for shampoo, body wash and even bar soaps for their facial skin cleansing routines. However, men who shave tend to have smoother, softer and even healthier skin on the chin, cheeks and jawline than even women. That’s because shaving is exfoliating and some men do that daily. Shaving becomes a whole different ballgame when acne is present though.

Reasons for Breakouts in Men

Acne requires great hygiene, a healthy diet and a lifestyle of overall healthy choices such as exercise and routine sleep schedule. General causes for acne breakouts are as follows:


Some people are literally genetically predisposed to acne. In the case of males, this disposition can mean disaster. Men have a hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone so when the sebaceous glands that make oil to keep our skin moist and protected come in contact with DHT they overproduce oil. This in turn creates an environment ripe for bacteria, which everyone has on their skin, to reproduce and thus become an infection. These infections are called whiteheads which leads to hormonal acne.

Improper skin care

Sometimes men get acne because they’re just not taking proper care of their skin and they don’t even know it. If males have a condition that causes dead skin cells to block pores or a job that is in a very dirty or closed environment, more attention must be paid to skin care.

Steroid Use

Another type of acne that is much more common among men is acne caused by the use of anabolic steroids. These steroids are used for strength and speed which resembles testosterone in promoting the growth of muscle. Acne caused by metabolic steroids imbalance the hormones and is usually cystic leaving behind deep scars and discolorations.


Folliculitis is not acne, but it creates the same effects as acne. Bacteria gathers in open pores and creates whiteheads and cysts. This is totally preventable by just adjusting how close a man is shaving. Treating folliculitis like acne will help in healing but if the close shaving continues, so will the infections of the pores.


The best treatments for men with acne is to get to the root of the problem first. Visit a dermatologist to know your skin problems and once this is established, pick up the right methods of treatment.

Those with moderate to severe acne can reduce their problems by extracting blackheads. Men with scarring can use ointment regularly or may consider laser therapy. There are lots of home remedies to address acne and get rid of them. The fact is, men today want options and there are lots of options available online. You can also take advice from personnel of a local spa/gym or clinic.



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