Lip Balm Addiction: Fact or Rumor?


Can someone be addicted to lip balm? You might have heard rumors that lips can adapt to or become addicted to lip balm and applying too much balm can make your lips more chapped. According to experts there is no such things as too much lip balm because most lip balms provide a surface effect. Lip balms are formulated to be water resistant and bind to the lip surface, even if moist. Also, the concept lip balm addiction is completely false.

Using lip balm is important for protecting your lips and it helps in keeping your lips hydrated and soft. It is one of the essential things that a person should have for winter lip care.

What is the right lip balm?

Lips do not have the usual protection layer of sweat and body oils which keep the skin smooth, inhibit pathogens, and regulate warmth. For these reasons, the lips dry out faster and become chapped more easily.

It is necessary to use a balm that contains an SPF because the lip membrane has no natural SPF. Skin usually has a natural SPF of 2-8 depending on amount of natural melanin. So popping on a lip balm will provide a ‘faux’ lipid barrier to lock moisture into your lips and protect them from harsh UVA and UVB damage.

If you’ve got dry, chapped lips or need some extra lip TLC in the winter months, you must choose a balm that contains Vitamin E and butters (like shea and cocoa butter). These ingredients prevent and repair dry, chapped lips faster. If the lip balm you’re using contains irritating ingredients or is poorly formulated lacking beneficial oils, emollients, and repairing ingredients, your lips will remain dry.

Sometimes we slather on lip balm just because it smells amazing without knowing its key ingredients. Using sunscreens or cosmetics approved for other parts of the body, on the lips might cause severe damage because those ingredients may not be approved for use specifically in the lip area. If you have dry lips caution the use of long-wear lip products with harsh volatiles or too much clay because they’ll cause puckering and dryness of lips.



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