Foremost confusion while taking care of your skin lies in choosing the right product. It’s important to know your skin type and find products that will suit your skin. Skin is not just a surface wherein you try and test various concoctions in pursuit of looking good. One should not trust the promises made by brands and experiment every random product at once.

Based on different skin types, here are few advice related to skin care :

Cleansers are found in various forms such as liquid, cream, foaming gel but their sole purpose is to cleanse the impurities while restoring the natural oil balance. A good cleanser opens the pores, deep cleanses and removes excess oil from skin. For dry skin, cream based cleansers should be used whereas for oily skin, grains coarse cleanser should be used. Medicated soaps and face wash are essential for skin related problems such as acnes, pustules, etc. Likewise, hypoallergenic bar soaps should be used for sensitive skin.

Oxy Face wash can serve the purpose of cleansing for every skin type as it is available in five different variants namely Oxy Total Anti-Acne, Oxy Perfect Wash, Oxy Deep Wash, Oxy White Complete and Oxy Oil Control.

1 Refreshers or Toners cleanse the skin keeping the complexion clear and clean. They soothe & hydrate the skin and shrink the appearance of pores. Astringents for oily and normal skin types, toners for normal and dry skin and fresheners are meant for dry sensitive or problem skin. Toners can be applied to skin in different ways by spraying on the face, using damp cotton wool or by applying a tonic gauze facial mask.


Moisturizers form a protective shield to minimize moisture evaporation and dehydration of dry area. People with oily skin also needs to moisturize the skin. While oil control moisturizers control excess oil and prevent blemishes, emollients are creams for dry skin that replenish the natural supply of the skin’s oil.


Take care of your skin through cleansing, toning and moisturizing ritual every day no matter what skin type you have. Apart from external help and topical application the skin could do much better with some effort for the system. Exercise, facial massage and a healthy diet regime can complement your skincare routine and help the skin look healthy and nourished always


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