Smart ways to get soft and kissable lips


Lips is one of the most attractive features of your face. The cold wind dries them up and hot sunny weather can play havoc with your lips. Regardless of the weather, there are ways to protect your lips and make sure they stay smooth and lush.

10 tips on how to keep your lips looking attractive and kissable

1. Drink plenty of water

Keeping your body hydrated helps to nourish your lips. Avoid drinking alcohol and drink plenty of water during the day. If your body gets dehydrated, then one of the first places it will show is on your lips.


2.Use lip balm

Your lips can easily dry out in the wind, so use lip balm on them regularly to keep them hydrated. Carry lip balm with you all the time and top up with the moisture whenever needed.  LipIce lip balm is one sure way to keep the chapped lips at bay naturally.

lipice_sheer_color_honey3. Clean your lips

Your lips are exposed to the dust and dirt, also the food and drink that passes by your lips. Give your lips a wash during the day. Rubbing honey on them is a good way to gently cleanse them.


4. Exfoliate weekly

Exfoliating your lips will remove the dead skin cells and expose the soft and kissable skin underneath. Sprinkle some sugar on a piece of fruit, such as strawberry, banana, mango or any other fruits of your choice, and then rub your lips gently with it.


5. Apply extra virgin olive oil

Your lips are very soft and sensitive, so that makes olive oil the ideal product to use on dry chapped lips. Olive oil will help soften your lips, it will be absorbed quickly and it won’t irritate the skin at all.


6. Vitamin E lipstick

Because your lips are so sensitive, look for lipsticks that contain Vitamin E. It is best not to use the cheapest lipstick that you can find or it will dry out your lips.

6 7. Apply lip balm before lipstick

When your lips get too dry, remember to apply a lip balm before you apply any lipstick. This will not only help re-hydrate your lips, but it will also make the lipstick look better and stay in place for longer duration.


8. Massage your lips

Give your lips a daily massage. That will help keep them in good health too. Rub your fingertip, in a circular motion, over your lips and it will help increase the blood supply to your mouth.

8 9. Almond paste

Almonds are rich in vitamins that will keep your lips beautiful and kissable. Massage some almond paste into your lips and it will bring a healthy glow to your lips and keep them soft.


10. Aloe vera gel

Aloes vera gel is another great product to use on your lips. Massage some into your lips and leave it on for 15 minutes before you go to bed, and you will wake up with beautifully soft and hydrated lips.




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