enlarged-pores I am sure that most of you are really eager to know the perfect method of prevention and treatment of enlarged pores.  This is actually a concern that I myself suffer with. However the are certainly things that we can do to prevent them and also improve them.

What Causes Enlarged Pores?
Firstly what causes enlarged pores? Primarily they are related to excess oil production in the skin. However there are other factors at play.  When someone is ‘hyper-sebaceous’, meaning their skin produces excess oil, their pores enlarge to facilitate the over-production of oil being secreted on to the skin surface.

If the skin is lacking water, then enzyme activity with be impaired. Proteases are enzymes responsible for the skins natural exfoliation process. When these can’t functioning correctly this leads to a build up of dead cells. Mixed with the oil within the pore it forms a blockage. This is essentially the beginnings of a ‘blackhead’ or blocked pores. If the blockage isn’t cleared, then the pore ‘stretches’.  Sun damage is also a major factor. Because UV damage effects the elasticity in our skin. Which can cause pores to enlarge, as the skin slackens.

Who Gets Enlarged Pores?
One of the questions asked was “Are they genetic?”. Well technically ‘Yes’, but not directly. Because we inherit our skin type from our parents. However enlarged pores are more of a secondary concern associated with hyper-sebaceous / oily skin. So if you’ve inherited oily skin, then genetically you’ll be more prone to getting enlarged pores.  Also during the natural ageing process in general, skin looses its elasticity and it can make the pores appear larger.

Ways To Prevent Enlarged Pores
The best ways to prevent enlarged pores is targeting the excess oil production, keeping the pores clear and preventing free radical damage.  Using ingredients such as DHEA and Saw Palmetto help to reduce sebum production. They work by blocking/regulating the message of testosterone to the sebaceous gland. Helping to regulate the amount of oil being produced.

Using Salicylic Acid is a great way of keeping the pores clear and preventing blockages. This can also be found in Acnes products.

Using a combination of antioxidants and physical sunscreens to prevent UV and free radical damage. This is key to protecting the delicate elastin fibres that can worsen the appearance of enlarges pores if damaged.

Also avoiding products that have a drying effect on the skin, i.e., products that draw water from the skin will impact its ability to exfoliate properly.  Which leads to congestion and blockages within the pore.


How To Reduce Enlarged Pores
So what to do if you’ve already got enlarged pores. Firstly I always advise avoiding products that specifically state they reduce pore size.  Salicylic acid is a great one because it will help to clear the blockage.  So get the products that mostly has a combination of Salicylic acid and retinol and most importantly, you must been patient though. The pores didn’t enlarge overnight, so they certainly won’t be reduced overnight either.



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