Good news for companies targeting male consumers is that men are increasingly engaged in the personal care and male grooming category.  Across the countries surveyed, more than 2/3 of men aged 16-21 buy personal care items. Research shows that young men are very engaged in carrying out as much research into personal care and grooming products before they buy them as young women. Young Chinese men carry out the most research at 84%, followed by Russians at 78%, Brazilians at 63%, and North Americans at 61%.

Young men are prepared to compare products before they purchase as very few know exactly what they want. However this confidence in their choice of what item to buy is unusual. Men lag behind women in knowing what they want personal care items they want in all other markets.

With young men actively researching and choosing between different personal care products, it is essential that manufacturers understand how to engage with them. Although a large number of young men are visiting stores to view products, in general they are less likely to browse in a store than women.  Young men tend to be more influenced by advertising.  Men’s opinions are significantly more likely to be shaped by advertising than women in all markets.

Search engines play an important role as an information source for young men.  Google and other internet search engines play a major part in the research phase for young men. In the majority of markets, men aged 16-21 are significantly more likely than women to use search engines.

In summary, the research shows that men have a real thirst for information about personal care and grooming products. This presents an opportunity to target the young male shopper with information led by the manufacturer. In particular, advertising is an important source for young men as well as online where search engines play a key role.


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