In the universe no person are similar to each other, although some say there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you.   Habit, behavior, shape, and size everything is different.  Even your skin differs from one another, and the care of your skin may also depend upon the type of your skin you have.  One type of facewash may not be suitable for one skin whereas it may work to others.   The key to finding that one face wash that will work for you is to understand exactly what kind of skin you’re working.   So here, we’ve broken down five different skin types, and what you should look for if any of them sound familiar.

Normal Skin:  Normal Skin are those skin that are never too dry, never too oily and rarely have to deal with breakouts and rashes.   Normal skin are the perfect skin and usually don’t have to face any problem, but there are less number of lucky people with normal skin. 

Face Wash For You:  Oxy Perfect Wash Oxy Perfect Wash is the perfect facewash for your normal skin.  It is the total cleansing solution for Face.   It is fortified with anti-bacteria to make skin acne, pimple free.  It is enriched with ingredient that cleanses out excessive sebum and controls extra oil.  Oxy Perfect Wash penetrates deeply, purifies the pores and prevents black heads and white heads.  It also gives a coding sensation and makes skin smooth. 

MRP:  Nrs. 278 for 100 gm


 Oily Skin:  This type of skin produces more oil that’s generally required which results in clogged pores, blackheads, pimples as well as leaves a distinct shine on your cheeks, forehead and nose.  People having oily skin may have most of the problems as they may be noticed because of their oiliness.

 Face Wash For You: Oxy Oil Control Facewash is the perfect facewash for oily skin.  Oxy Oil Control helps to control oil, acnes, cleansing sebum, dirt-suitable for oily and blemished skin.  The mucus secretion causing oily skin increases the absorption of dirt that ultimately clogs pores.

 MRP:  Nrs. 299 for 100 gm


Dull Skin:  This type of skin has an uneven tone, a knackered complexion that just doesn’t look clean even after washing it multiple times.  Dull skin people seem glow-less and are not that attractive in looking.

Face Wash For You:  Oxy Deep Wash is the most effective face cleansing solution for removing impurities and dull skin.  Its micro particle of activated charcoal penetrates deeply into pores, exfoliates dead cells.   Its activated charcoal and menthol enriched formula cleanses out excessive sebum and enhances complexion.   Its refreshing fragrance gives cooling sensation to the skin and makes it fresh and clean.

MRP: Nrs. 278 for 100 gm


Acne-prone Skin:  This type of skin is oily and breaks out for silliest of reasons.  Acne-prone skin is sensitive and needs special care.  Even when you think you are cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin regularly, those pesky zits won’t go away.

Face Wash For You:  Oxy Total Anti-Acne is the effective cleanser for people with maximum acne outbreaks and is suitable for oily skin as well, which helps to clean out sebum, dirt.   The combination of Salicylic acid, Vitamin C  and other antibacterial ingredients reduce dark spots and acne lesions providing an optimum care for your skin.

MRP:  Nrs. 299 for 100 gm


Dark Skin:  Dark skin is a naturally occurring human skin color that is rich in eumelanin pigments.  Sun exposure is one of the most common causes of darkened skin.  Energy from the ultraviolet rays of the sun is absorbed by melanin as a normal way to protect the skin from overexposure. This can also darken areas that already have hyperpigmentation.

Face Wash For You:  Oxy White Complete is effective for men who wants to illuminate the skin by reducing melanin.  The minerals from dead sea whitens the face giving a vibrant radiance to the skin.

MRP:  Nrs. 299 for 100 gm


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