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Everyone wish to be acne free in some stages of their life, but in this busy schedule life and due to unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, pollution and stress, we are inviting acne to harbor in our face.  Thus, one of the simple way to remain healthy and acne free is that we can add a simple formula on our daily routine.

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Yes, exercise can do wonders for your skin, and we have already known from our childhood days that exercise is good for your health too.  It’s not only beneficial for your health but also prevents acne.  Exercise helps to cut stress which may contribute to acne outbreaks.  Physical activity also helps your skin by increasing your blood circulation, which sends more oxygen to your skin cells and carries cell waste away and prevents acne from popping up, and if you haven’t still incorporate it into your lives then right now from today start exercising.  Regular exercise helps to build your immune system which helps to fight from different types of disease and make you healthy, but keep in mind that sweat from exercise can also leads to breakouts by irritating your skin.  So, avoid touching your face and use a towel to mop up sweat rather than using your hands.  Wear sportswear that is made from natural fabrics to allow for better circulation and to wick moisture away from your skin.  When you’re finished exercising, have a shower and use a medicated body wash to get rid of excess sweat and oil for cleaner and clearer skin.


As you know there is no free lunch, you need to put some extra effort.   Exercise may be struggling at first but as you make it your daily routine you will enjoy it.   Just start off by doing cardiovascular exercises like walking, cycling, running, skating, etc., which help in removing the excess fat and toxins from the body and prevent acne formations.  Yoga helps to relieve stress and practice relaxation.   The stretching exercises practiced in yoga increases blood circulation in the body which remove the acne formations and bacterial deposits and prevent acne to come up.  Other than that you can also include cycling, hiking in your daily routines and you can feel instantly the good changes in your life.  In addition, exercise is the healthy lifestyle to reduce acne.  But, if you’re careless, exercise can cause acne as well, so care for your skin after a workout.


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