Festive season is all here with a bang and you all may be in the festive mood.  May be excited about new clothes, foods and family gathering.  You may be pampering yourselves to look attractive and beautiful, but are you skipping something important?  Yes, your lips.  Lips are part of your face that are most attractive.  Many of us may not think about taking care of their lips as it is not considered as important, but like skin, lips also need special care.  This festive season you can make your lips attractive and let it shine among all by just following few steps.

Teenage girl brushing teeth - copyright of jupiterimages

Step 1: Regularly Brush your teeth
Smile is the center of attraction of every people.  If your teeth are not clean or discolored then it’s pointless on how attractive lips you have.   Lips are the frame to your mouth. Regularly, wash your teeth and monthly visit the dentist for the checkup.  If your teeth are not aligned then you can use the braces to align them.


Step 2: Exfoliate your lips
As we know, exfoliation is the cosmetic practice of removing dead skin cells from the epidermis, the top layer of the skin.  Doing this you can get rid of dead skin cells of your lips and get smoother skin.   There are many cheap methods of doing it, you can also get the lip exfoliants in the market.

Making a mixture of honey, olive oil and sugar and gently massaging your lips with it.

  1. Using good quality petroleum jelly.
  2. Using clean and soft brush around your lips helps to remove the dead skin of your lips making it soft and smooth.


Step 3: Rub your lips
Gently, rub your lips in circular motion with the soft face towel for at least 15 seconds then rinse it with normal tape water.


Step 4: Apply Lip balm
After rinsing your lips, it may feel dry; apply a good quality lip balm.  You can use LipIce Lip balm for more effective result.  After applying lip balm you can apply lipstick that helps to moisturize your lips for longer period of time.


Step 5: Using a plumping serum
To get the best look and magnify your lips, plumping serum can be used.  Different types of plumping serum of different brands are available in the market.  It helps to enhance your lips making them look bigger.


Step 6: Choose the right lipstick or lip gloss
Choosing the right lipstick or lip gloss is very important as it enhances your makeup. Choosing the right shade as per your face, color, structure is very important.  You can express yourself with your lip color.  Outlining your lips and applying the right color makes your lips look more attractive.


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