Morning shave extracting more blood than a Red Cross drive? Razor burn, bumps and irritation a foregone conclusion? Thankfully, combating sensitivity and irritation is simple. Here’s how…

coffee-beans-cup-breakfast 1. Choose your moment:
Skin can be puffy first thing so always allow it time to settle before shaving. Have a tea or coffee, grab some breakfast and only then think about grabbing your razor. Ideally, shave after or during a shower – hot water and steam causes stubble to expand, which will make it softer and much easier to cut.


2. Use the right razor:
Your choice of razor is crucial when it comes to minimizing irritation and reducing sensitivity. Some razors are specially designed to deliver improved skin protection whilst shaving. As well as featuring an ergonomically-designed handle for better control and to prevent skin snagging.


3. Don’t press too hard and reduce your speed:
Pressing too hard is one of the most common mistakes men make when shaving – as is shaving too quickly. Pressing harder doesn’t result in a closer shave but can result in more irritation and skin sensitivity and no man was ever rewarded bonus points for speed shaving – irritated skin maybe, but definitely no bonus points. So take time over your shave and use gentle stokes of around 2cm in length.

hotwater4. Keep your cool: Lots of things can irritate sensitive skin: from heat and friction to the fragrances and colorants in shaving products. To reduce the chance of skin becoming sensitized during – and after – shaving, try using products that are free of artificial fragrances and colors; use warm rather than piping hot water to wash and rise your razor with and never put aftershave directly onto your skin after shaving as the alcohol in it can irritate and dry out freshly-shaven skin (yep, there’s a reason why it stings!)


5. Moisturize:
Moisturising skin might seem unconnected to shaving but it’s actually a very good way to minimize sensitivity. That’s partly because dry skin tends to be more sensitive in the first place but also because its surface is full of microscopic ridges which the blades of your razor have to pass over. Keeping skin moisturized keeps it plump and hydrated and softens out these ridges – essentially smoothing out the terrain your razor has to navigate.

So as you can see, with the right razor and the perfect technique now there’s absolutely no reason shaving is pain in the neck – even for guys with the most sensitive of skin.


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