During festival seasons, you are excited to go outside, be right in the middle of all, have fun with your friends and dress up in a cute event gear.  When it comes to your skin, caring for it properly is something that’s of the utmost importance – especially when spending extended amounts of time outdoors.  That is why Rohto Mentholatum Nepal has developed this article in a creative, simple and easy way to help you get the most out of the festival seasons – without festival season taking the most out of your skincare.


Moisturizer with Sunscreen
If you’re going to be spending ample amount of time in the sun and elements outdoor, you may want to consider investing in a good quality moisturizer that incorporates sunscreen into the product.  This way, you get the moisture for your face, a protective barrier between the elements and your skin, and the protection of sunscreen to ward off those harmful rays.  Be sure to apply it to your entire face, ears and neck for soft, supple skin.


Go Easy on the Makeup
When you’re outdoor during the warm months and you’re prone to sweating, your best bet is to forgo makeup or at the most, apply them very lightly.  You will probably want to go with a tinted moisturizer rather than a full blown foundation for color, as it won’t look unnatural when the product rubs off or you sweat it off.  Rather than choose a lip color that can melt away, apply a tinted lip glaze or tinted lip balm for moisturizing that won’t be as noticeable when it disappears.  As for eye shadow, skip this one – sweating will cause the shadow to crease up and you will end up with messy look.


Tone and Refresh
Bringing a small spray bottle filled with your favorite toner can help you refresh your face and neck, and remove sweat and debris that are in the air and thus settling on your skin.  Don’t forget some cotton pads to apply the toner or wipe your face down with when packing it into your purse.  If you plan on wiping your face down, remember to reapply your moisturizer with sunscreen or opt for a sunscreen stick to protect your skin from the harmful rays.


Double Cleanse
After the festivities of the day are over and done with, you are going to want a shower and before doing so, you need to cleanse your face – twice.  By cleansing the first time, you are removing impurities, toxins and pollutants from the surface of your skin, while the second cleansing provides you with a cleaner face, pores and washes away dead skin. Massaging your face during the second cleansing will stimulate the skin cells to regenerate and grow when you sleep, giving you a healthier appearance.

Rohto Mentholatum Nepal wants you to have fun and enjoy your festivals this season, and by following the guideline you will put your best face forward every time.


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