citrusYou might have noticed that Vitamin C is a common ingredient in lot of skin care treatments.  The reason for this is vitamin provides a very effective shield against the sun and has a number of beneficial effects on the skin.  By increasing the amount of Vitamin C in your diet or taking Vitamin C supplements, you can enjoy these excellent benefits.  What we eat is reflected in our health?  So, we must be very careful about our diet.  Time and again, we may be hearing from doctors or nutritionists about the importance of Vitamin C, but what benefits does actually it provides?  Why it is important?


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is needed for human body.  Vitamin C is also known as L- ascorbic acid which is a water soluble vitamin.  Vitamin C creates and maintains collagen which means it’s like glue that holds the body together.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that gives skin its elasticity and strength.  Vitamin C is a great source for healthy skin.  It creates and promotes the expansion of collagen and is also the creation of ligaments and scar tissue.  Vitamin C is the best friend of skin as it slows the aging process by keeping wrinkles, dryness and fine lines away.  It also protects the skin from the harmful UV rays that causes skin cancer.  Therefore, we can see Vitamin C in many beauty products available in the market.  Here are a few advantages of Vitamin C for the skin:

spf30 Sun Protection
Vitamin C will protect your skin from sun damage, by fighting off free radicals that are developed due to excess sun exposure as well as environmental pollution and smoking.  Vitamin C will help to reduce the effects of sunburn that has been caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.  It helps to prevent the dangerous consequences of long-term sun exposure which can potentially lead to skin cancer.


Collagen Production
Collagen is the material that your skin needs in order to produce hydroxylsine and hydroxyproline, which are both necessary for binding the molecules that create collagen.  This is the substance that gives your skin firmness and helps it to have a toned look. When your skin is deficient in collagen, it will appear limp, lifeless and dull.  By improving your collagen production, you will be able to reduce wrinkles and fight against the signs of aging.


Healing Wounds
Vitamin C will help your body to heal wounds.  The body will use the Vitamin C to replace the damaged tissue, so that it can heal the wound faster.  If you find that your wounds heal very slowly, this can be a sign that you are deficient in Vitamin C.


Preventing Skin Discoloration
By taking in more Vitamin C, you will be able to protect your DNA from all types of photochemical reactions that will lead to skin discoloration as well as skin cancer and tumors.  This is because Vitamin C works to inhibit the production of Pyrimidine dimers, which causes melanoma in humans.  Also Vitamin C can potentially improve the look of age spots, so that the skin will appear smoother and younger.


Improving your skin’s Texture
Did you know that collagen also makes up the structure of your blood vessels?  This means that Vitamin C may help you have a healthier vascular system, which will help your blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients to the skin to keep it healthy.  When you lack Vitamin C, your skill will eventually become rough and dry so adding more Vitamin C will pump up the skin surface and help it to retain more moisture.

So if you want to have healthier, smoother and younger looking skin try adding more Vitamin C supplements to your routine or adding more Vitamin C containing foods to your diet.


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