What your acne says about your health?


Do you have any idea why pimples pop up on certain areas on your face? Yes you heard it right! The pimples can indicate what is wrong with your health. A traditional Chinese medicine study called “Face: The Window to your health” has interesting research regarding the popping up of pimples in certain part of the face. Pimple on your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, nose and chin areas indicates what is happening inside your body. So next time when a pimple pops up on one of those zones, you will know how to address a problem to the core.

Upper Forehead Pimple:


It is directly linked with a digestive system, the large intestines and the bladder.  When you have poor digestion going, the body will have a trouble breaking down foods and there maybe a large buildup of toxins.  So, try to eat more antioxidant-rich foods and drinks including green tea, lemon water and berries.

Lower Forehead Pimple:


According to the traditional Chinese medicine, this is associated with the mind and spirit.  If you have popping up of pimples on the lower forehead, it may be due to irregular sleeping pattern or deprivation of sleep, stress, depression, and bad blood circulations, etc.  To avoid this problem try to sleep early, ideally before 11 p.m. and find ways to the stress your mind; maybe take a long warm baths, watch your favorite movie, do some meditation exercises, or visit a  spa with your friends.

Nose Pimple:


The nose reflects the heart caused by problems with blood pressure and stress.  Again you need to find time to wind down.

Eyebrows Pimple:


The window to your liver lies between the eyebrows.  Breakouts in this area might be caused by a diet that is high in fat and/or too much consumption of alcohol.  So you know what not to do.

 Ears Pimple:


Ever got stubborn and painful pimples on your ears?  That is when the kidneys are not taken care of.  Kidney troubles are often caused by not drinking enough and taking in too much salt and caffeine in your diet.  So be sure to drink plenty of water during the day.  Cut down on the sodium and caffeine and cleanse kidneys to get rid of the pimples.

Right Cheek Pimple:


Right side of the cheek corresponds to the lungs.  Pimple breakouts on this area could be due to allergies, respiratory stress or smoking.  You might need to take extra care of your respiratory system and avoid smoking or smoking areas.

Mouth and the Center of the Chin Pimple:


They are linked with the stomach and small intestines.  Pimples showing up here could be caused by eating too much fast foods or constipation.  Try to eat more fresh foods with high fibers such as vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods.

Side of the Chin Pimple:


It is directly linked with the reproductive organs and the kidneys.  Breakouts in this area is often associated with menstrual cycle irregularities in women or some levels of hormonal imbalance or the kidneys working overtime, most likely due to you putting  yourself through the extreme amount of stress.  So try to relax.

So, traditional medicine is itself profound and what I have covered here is only the very basics.  I want to remind you that beauty is not just skin deep, you have to take care of your skin and your health from inside as well.


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