Did you know that lips can also identify your character traits like other parts of your face? The ancient study of lips derives from Chinese medicine and dates back 3000 years.  In recent times, face-reading has become more popular and the science of lip analysis is called lipsology. It’s the interpretation of mouth characteristics, such as size, shape, fullness and contours.  Your mouth shape bears the stamp of your temperament.  Before we head to the types of lips and their character traits, let us understand the lip landmarks as given below in the picture.

LIP LANDMARKS:  The aspect of face-reading is also known as Mien Shiang. There are schools that teach the art of Mien Shiang. Mien Shiang has identified 47 different mouth types. Following are seven of the most common ones and the amazing facts your mouth reveals about you.

Angelina Jolie has full lips.

FULL LIPS:  Women with full or plump lips are confident and courageous. They are generous and nurturing. They also value friendship and social connections. The thicker a woman’s lips, the most passionate she is.

Kirsten Dunst has thin lips.

THIN LIPS:  Thin-lipped women are reserved. They’re independent, cautious, determined and persistent.  They are high achievers. They also have a sweet and sensitive side.

Anne Hathaway has wide lips.

WIDE:  Women with wide lips have a variety of interests and a large circle of friends. They are lively and talented.  They try to attain perfectionism, although they are adaptable to different conditions. They have a mind of their own and are never a crowd follower.

Naomi Campbell has round lips.

ROUND:  Button-shaped women are vivacious and charming. They are self-assured, adventurous, and risk taker. They glow bright with charisma.

Taylor Swift has heart-shaped lips.

HEART-SHAPED:  Heart-shaped lips women are quite expressive in voicing their opinions. They are the essence of glamour and elegance. This signals a creative and quick-minded woman. They take charge of situations. These romantic lips speak of exuberance and vigor.

Selena Gomez has goldilock lips

GOLDILOCKS:  Like in fairy tales, these symmetric lips are perfect kissable lips.  They are neither full nor thin.  They signal for kindness and are considerate to others. These lips indicate a woman with an even temperament. She likes connecting with friends but is not clingy.

Chrissy Teigen has plump in the center lips.

PLUMP IN THE CENTER:  Fullness front-and-center identifies a natural performer. She likes to be in the spotlight, at the center of attention. Thin corners indicate a fun-loving woman.


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