If you believe that the sun can only harm your skin during scorching summers, then think again!  Winter is all on the way.  The gloomy sun, foggy and cold wind blowing outside is what signifies the winter.  Many of us are all set with pen and paper to make a shopping list for the coming winter.  Winter boots, Jacket and Woolen sweaters may be already included in your list but wait…mmmmmm…… Are you forgetting something important?  Let me remind you! Sunscreen.  Yes my friend sunscreen is very important and is a must-have thing in the winter.


Just because it’s winter and cold outside doesn’t mean you can put away your sunscreen. Not only sun but also our skin follows the season.  In the winter, due to the cold air, artificial heaters our skin is more pale and dry than compared to summertime. Winter skin is more sensitive to sun than compare to the summer skin.  Therefore, more care of your skin is needed in this season.  Even though your body is fully covered in the winter time, don’t forget to keep your face, neck and hands protected from the harmful sunrays.  Winter season means the colder season which means the ozone layer in atmosphere is thinning out.  So, there is less ozone in our atmosphere to absorb the sun UV radiation. We may not see sun outside and may feel colder but there are actually more of the harmful rays of the sun hitting the earth surface and yes! your skin too.  So, this winter apply the sunscreen with SPF 30 or more and prevent yourself from getting a cold- weather burn.


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