Simple Tips To Hide Your Age


Everybody loves the idea of being young forever and it is possible to delay the aging process with simple day-to-day routine.  Yes! You heard it right.  Now is the time to rethink your grooming—from upgrading your worn-out toothbrush to incorporating anti-aging tactics that will seamlessly fit into your routine.  You’ll reap the benefits of fresher, younger-looking skin by the time the cold weather settles in for good.


Deep Cleansing
For the ultimate cleaning, battle your skin’s trouble zones with a multitasking cleanser that will slough away grime.  Similarly, getting a peel treatment on a regular basis helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation.   Plus, it illuminates the skin to give the face a healthy glow.  Try peeling once a month to wipe away dead skin, so you’re left with new, younger skin cells on the surface. Try to adhere as close as possible with irritation free products—so there’s no red face ratting out your smooth skin secret.


Every Day Hydration
Moisturizer is a key follow-up step after washing your face.  It enhances your skin’s moisture-holding abilities and fights dry, flaky skin.  Extend the moisture to your lips too, as brittle edges can be an age giveaway—especially when she gets up close.  Apply a lip balm after washing your face to trap moisture in and keep them plump and hydrated.


Tackle Weary Eyes
Fight strained baggy eyes by applying a cream twice a week.  Hyaluronic acid is a superstar ingredient for under eye creams.  It absorbs about 1,000 times its own weight in water.   Look for a product loaded with it.  A small dab is all it takes to plump up the skin and successfully hide any sign of hours spent in front of the screen.  It’ll leave your skin hydrated and youthful.


Trim Unkempt Hairs
She don’t want to gaze into your eyes if there’s a dark nose hair staring back.  It’s distracting—and it’s reminding her of her grandfather.  Removal of nose and ear hair can take years off your look.  If you spot a rogue hair protruding, snip and vacuum it away.


Use Good Toothbrush 
When you can smile freely without worrying about discolored teeth, your appearance is automatically improved.  Think of an electric toothbrush as an investment piece.  It’ll knock out the plague and gingivitis to protect your health against risks like gum and heart disease and leave you with a whiter, more confident smile.



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