Kiran Thapaliya is a 19-year-old boy and has an oily-type skin condition. Like any other teenagers, he was suffering from pimples over the past 4 years. Desperate in need to get a clear skin, he sought medical help from a skin doctor but couldn’t get the results he wanted.  Just 1 year ago, his condition got worst to the point where his whole face was covered with bigger pimples. He then simultaneously switched to other medical practitioners along with the use of different products that promised him an improvement in his skin condition. Once there was a ray of hope for him after a consultation from an eminent skin doctor but it proved to be just a temporary cure and was soon overshadowed as his condition grew even worse. He almost spent 16 thousands in short span of time on clinic visits and medicines but everything was in vain.

One day he saw an ad of Acnes on Kantipur Daily Newspaper and felt that there was no harm in trying out one more products and decided to use it since it was a Japanese technology product. According to him, he started using Acnes products from Ashad 3rd 2073. He religiously washed his face with Acnes Creamy Wash twice daily and just before bedtime Acnes Powder Lotion (Acnes Soothing Toner). After that he would wait for 5 minutes and apply Acnes Sealing Gel to complete his daily routine.

After certain weeks of using the Acnes products, he has been awe stricken with the progressive development in his skin condition. He even thought it was temporary but later on saw a drastic change in his face. He is now overwhelmed and satisfied with the use of Acnes products and continues to follow the regime till date. He believes that Acnes proved to be a life saver for him and is ready to face the world with confidence.





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