FAQ Regarding Oxy Face Wash

What is Oxy Face Wash?

Oxy Face Wash is Japan’s No.1 men’s skin care brand product line that is designed specifically to stop the acne cycle in teens and adults.

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 Can Oxy Face Wash help you get rid of Acne?

Multipurpose acne treatment products, such as Oxy Face Wash helps you treat and prevent acne breakouts more effectively and with the fewest combination of formulations possible. This facial wash is unique in the way that it can be used as a cleanser depending on the types of skin.

 What are the ingredients of Oxy Face Wash?

The main active ingredient in Oxy Face Wash is salicylic acid at a 2% concentration, which has the ability to penetrate pores and wash away bacteria, oil, and other impurities that block them and contribute to acne breakouts.

Why is Menthol included in the Oxy Face Wash?

Menthol is included in this formulation to promote healing and stop inflammation under the surface of the skin.

How to Use Oxy Face Wash?

To use Oxy Face Wash as a daily cleanser, splash your face with Luke warm water and then massage a sparing amount of the product into your skin for about sixty seconds before rinsing.

 Where can we buy Oxy Face Wash?

Oxy Face Wash is available for purchase in most of the districts of Nepal.  You can always find the Oxy Face Wash locally at Bhat-Bhateni Supermarkets and Blue – Bird Mall and nearby pharmacies and cosmetic shops.

What does the review say about Oxy Face Wash?

Online Oxy Face Wash reviews may help you get a better understanding about how this product has worked for others.

How pocket-friendly is Oxy Face Wash?

Some Oxy Face Wash reviews have stated that the multipurpose aspect of this product makes it a good value for money when compared to other and more costly facial washes, even if they have more ingredients.

Are there any side effects of Oxy Face Wash?

People who are allergic to Salicylic Acid and Menthol may have side effects like skin irritation otherwise it is perfectly safe.  Those who are using the product for the first time should do so sparingly until they understand how Oxy Face Wash will affect them.

How many variants of Oxy Face Wash are found in Nepal?

Currently, there are total 5 Variants of Oxy Face Wash in the market of Nepal though a wide range of products are found globally.

  1. Oxy Total Anti-Acne: It contains Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C that fights pimples and pimple causing bacteria and helps in reducing acne scar.


  1. Oxy Perfect Wash: It contains an Anti-Bacterial Formula with an essence of Geranium that helps in keeping your skin all day long fresh.


  1. Oxy Deep Wash: Added Micro Activated Charcoal will deep cleanse and brighten the skin keeping it baby soft.


  1. Oxy White Complete: It contains Minerals from Dead Sea that helps to brighten and whiten the skin complexion.


  1. Oxy Oil Control: It contains Microwax Beads that helps to control the excess oil production and acts as a barrier for further acne breakouts.



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