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Oxy total anti acne is the most cream cleanser, antibacterial acne. It is suitable for acne skin, oily skin, cleaning sebum, dirt, prevent acne. It combines the antibacterial ingredients as well as it reduces acne lesions and Vitamin C formula. It creates optimum acne prevention, acne skin, leaving no dark.

Oxy Perfect Wash: is the total cleansing solution for Face. It is fortified with anti bacteria to make skin acne, pimple kills free. It is enriched with ingredient that cleanses out excessive sebum and controls extra oil. Perfect wash penetrates deeply, purifies the pores & prevents black heads & white heads. It also gives a coding sensation & makes skin smooth

Oxy Deep Wash: is the most effective face cleansing solution for removing impurities & dull skin. Its micro particle of charcoal penetrates deeply into pores, exfoliate dead cells & detoxify the skin. Its charcoal & menthol enriched formula cleanses out excessive sebum & enhances complexion. Its refreshing fragrance gives coding sensation to skin & makes feel fresh & clean.

Oxy Oil Control is the oil control face wash for face. It controls oily face wash, acne prevention, cleansing sebum, dirt-suitable for oily, blemished skin. It mucus secretion causing oily skin, increased absorption of dirt that clogged pores can lead to acne and large pores.