Rohto Evolving into “Integrated Health & Beauty Care” Company

Rohto Group aims to help individuals age gracefully in accordance with its corporate slogan that pledges to bring “Happy Surprise.”

Since the establishment of Rohto, we have focused on creating a broad range of health care products, including eye drops, gastrointestinal medicines, and dermal medication, and developing new markets with the spirit of persistence and taking on new challenges. Even in times of upheaval we will remain committed to the spirit of this slogan as we aim to become a constant source of surprise and happiness for customers and society at large.
At the same time, Rohto Group is dedicated to earning the trust and meeting the expectations of shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, society and all other stakeholders while operating in a manner that promotes mutual prosperity with others.

Rohto Group is looking beyond its current operations with the goal of developing value-added products and launching new brands that target new needs across a broad spectrum of the health and beauty field. Superior product development and technology skills will be vital to accomplishing this goal. We will focus on technological innovation and building a stronger foundation for operations. In addition, we will perform joint research with start-up companies and research scientists in Japan and other countries and use other initiatives to build an organic research infrastructure.

We are accelerating global operations development to deliver our products all over the world. We will exploit the advantages developed from an early stage in the Asian region, especially China and Vietnam, to achieve further growth. Moreover, we will aggressively explore opportunities in next emerging countries with growth prospects. We will also develop our operational group synergy in America and Europe.

To enlarge the scope of our activities in the health and beauty field, we are starting activities involving food, which is the basis for good health, and start new health care businesses, such as regenerative medicine. The objective is to make an even greater contribution to healthy lifestyles by extending our operations into more business domains.

We are also fulfilling our social responsibilities, in addition to the development of business activities. In 2011, we established a division, Reconstruction Support Office (currently included in the Public Relations and Creating Shared Value Division) to provide help to those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake over the mid-to long-term. In order to carry out the “next-generation support” activities that comprise our CSV (Creating Shared Value) theme, we are supporting orphaned children in the earthquake in the aspect of their lives and academic achievements over the long-term period.